TWIN LION COMMUNICATIONS  

win Lion Communications is a media production and consulting firm based in Houston.  Twin Lion projects greatly enhance productivity and bottom line results for diverse industries, with emphasis on legal, commercial, and workplace safety.  Each project begins with an understanding of our customer’s goals. We pride ourselves in developing and maintaining close relationships with our clients throughout the production and post-production experience. Our skills and professionalism consistently deliver programs that exceed customer expectations. 

Marketplace:     Marketing, Advertsing, Employee benefits, Internal communications, Safety orientation & training  

Television:         Network, cable and local news production; field producer services; studio, edit and feed services

Legal:                  Dynamic client documentaries enhancing bottom-line mediation and trial results     

Dan O'Rourke is President and Creative Director of Twin Lion projects.  He comes to his commitment through a career as an award-winning television journalist in his native Indianapolis and in Houston.  While at KPRC-TV in Houston, he was named as Best Reporter in Texas four times by the Associated Press;  a  Houston newspaper poll of fellow journalists singled him out as the best reporter in the city; His reports have appeared on NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, and the PBS McNeil-Lehrer News Hour.  He has interviewed every president since Gerald Ford. NASA interviewed him as a finalist to become the first journalist-astronaut, until the Challenger accident scrubbed that project. He is a two-time documentary winner at the prestigious Houston International Film Festival.  In addition to video production projects in Houston and elsewhere, he continues to freelance for TV network and cable news, notably arriving in New Orleans the night before Hurricane Katrina hit, to deliver  the critical first week of coverage for Fox News Channel.  Additionally he has served  as  a  producer  for  A&E Biography,  The Learning Channel, Extra, American Journal, and various other television and cable.

An Indiana University graduate, he returns to Bloomington as a Journalism guest lecturer. He has also taught at Texas A&M University and Houston Baptist University


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